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Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Repair



Caps are an important part of your chimney. These are used to reduce the damage caused by rain. Some caps have screens which keeps animals, rain, snow and leaves out of your chimney, but also prevents sparks from leaving the chimney. We typically use a stainless steel mesh cap with a rain hood.


There are endless options when choosing a chimney cap. We have the standard Stainless Steel cap which we keep stocked in our vehicles

Chimney Cap

 Standard Cap
Round Cap


Furnace Cap


You can special order Copper or Galvanized caps, as well as more architecturally designed caps, such as European Copper Pots.  

European Copper Pots

Chase Top           

Multi-Flue Cap

Or you can get a flue stretcher – By increasing the effective height of the flue, The Flue stretcher addresses two problems:


  • Negative House Pressure -  Adding the flue stretcher to the upstairs flue distances its smoke from the downward pull of the downstairs flue


  • Increase Draft – By increasing the height and putting the flue opening above roofs and other nearby structures

Flue Stretcher

Exhaust Fan

Don’t forget the ever-popular Chimalator! A top mount Damper Cap which can be sealed airtight with the turn of a handle from inside the fireplace. No more heat or Air conditioning getting lost up your chimney, No more downdraft, No Entry for Rain or Pests!